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Yes! - Kim Dare Recommended Read

Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/february-2011-recommended-reads/yes-by-kim-dare

To Andrew, life is meant to be lived pleasurably. If a man he’s interested in wants to have sex with him, Andrew’s not about to say “no.” He doesn’t see a problem with this, but Stephen – a young man claiming to be a Dom – seems to believe Andrew’s some kind of slut that’s incapable of saying “no.” Stephen makes a bet with Andrew, one where Andrew has to see if he can turn down everything Stephen has to offer for twelve hours. Andrew thinks this wager is his to win, and he’s more than ready to teach the would-be Dom a lesson…though he’s still looking forward to some vanilla sex with Stephan.

But Stephen has some surprises in store for Andrew. The younger man is more a true Dom than Andrew gives him credit for, and he has a few lessons of his own to teach the stubborn sub. Lessons that make Andrew want to scream “Yes!”

Sex, sparring, and submission pack one hell of a punch in the incredibly fun Yes! The battle of wills between Andrew and Stephen was so enjoyable that, after I finished listening to Yes! the first time, I wanted to immediately launch into a re-listen.

Andrew thinks he knows pretty much everything about sex and his cockiness is part of his appeal. He’s sure there’s no way that Stephen, nineteen to Andrew’s twenty-six, is at all experienced or proficient enough as a Dom to meet his exacting standards. Boy is he wrong. Stephen’s quiet dominance and self-assured manner is every bit the match for Andrew’s arrogance. Stephen frustrates Andrew over the course of their bet, both sexually and mentally and the way Kim Dare handles this makes sparks almost literally fly over the course of the story. And what heat those sparks generate! Yes! is an erotic delight on top of being a fun heroes-battle-their-way-into-love tale. The sensuality in Yes! is a palpable presence, whether you’re reading or listening to the tale.

The only downside in my experiences of Yes! was the quality of the audio book (which was not as high as Total-e-Bound’s audio books usually are). Still, this wasn’t enough to detract from my love of Yes!

I can never say “no” to the opportunity to read one of Ms. Dare’s books, and Yes! proves why. Ms. Dare has delivered another winning romance in Andrew and Stephen’s story; it’s red-hot entertainment at its most engaging. Joyfully Recommended!