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When Beauty Tamed the Beast - James Griffin, Eloisa James My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/when-beauty-tamed-the-beast-by-eloisa-james

Miss Linnet Thrynne is a renowned beauty who has the men of London practically falling at her feet. Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, is a beast who never leaves his castle-turned-hospital in Wales. To all outward appearances, the two could have nothing in common. But when a scandal turns Linnet’s world upside down, her father and the earl’s father arrange the couple’s betrothal, which is how Linnet finds herself in Wales, with an earl who is a doctor…and wants nothing to do with her.

Or so he claims.

Piers cannot help but be captivated by the intelligent, sharp-tongued beauty who isn’t at all intimidated by his temper. She’s also not cowed by the realities of his life as a doctor, even though the sick and dying that are housed in his castle can’t be more different from the lords and ladies of London’s ton Linnet must be used to. However, Piers refuses to be swayed by all the reasons he can’t stay away from Linnet; he will not marry – ever.

Can this beauty break down her beast’s walls in order to capture his heart?

A beloved fairy tale is re-imagined at the hands of a master novelist in When Beauty Tamed the Beast. Eloisa James’s Regency fairy tale is nothing like any retelling of Beauty and the Beast I’ve ever read. Piers is beastly in behavior, to be sure, but don’t expect to find him sprouting fur. Piers’s “beastliness” is all attitude; his only handicap is a permanently damaged leg. If Piers reminds me of any fictional character, it’s the titular doctor of House, M.D., whom Ms. James herself notes was her inspiration for the character. Piers might actually be more crabby in the beginning of When Beauty Tamed the Beast than the curmudgeonly Gregory House, but I loved watching his character develop over the course of the book. What fun is having a beast for a hero, I ask, if there is no character growth? As for Linnet, she too is like no Beauty/Belle I have ever seen (aside from her looks and the Disney version’s love of reading). In fact, Linnet has a rather biting tongue when it comes to Piers, though he definitely provokes her. The pair fascinate, infuriate, and tempt one another, the result of which was I could not put When Beauty Tamed the Beast down once I had started the book.

When Beauty Tamed the Beast is part of Eloisa’s Fairy Tales series, but each book stands on its own and – according to Ms. James’s website – there won’t be any characters crossing over from one book to another. The true magic of Eloisa’s Fairy Tales is in being whisked away to a Regency romance-meets-fairy tale world. When Beauty Tamed the Beast is sure to enchant readers from “Once upon a time” until Linnet and Piers reach their happily ever after.