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Once Upon a Hereafter (Ghost Seekers, #5)

Once Upon a Hereafter - Melinda Barron My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/once-upon-a-hereafter-by-melinda-barron

For Cameron and Bailey McLaine, love may not be enough to save their marriage. Currently estranged, it’s only when the two mediums work with their fellow Ghost Seekers that they’re forced to get along. Then a close friend of theirs dies and — with a little help from the hereafter — Bailey and Cameron have a second chance at happily ever after. But are they brave enough, determined enough, to take it?

I always enjoy Melinda Barron’s Ghost Seekers stories and Once Upon a Hereafter is no exception. Bailey and Cameron are endearing, relatable (if one doesn’t consider their supernatural abilities) people who are clearly in love with one another, but they’ve lost sight of what marriage is all about. It takes a paranormal push and a lot of pent up desire for them to come together, but boy does Ms. Barron make their reunion worth it. Though the eroticism of Once Upon a Hereafter makes the pages sizzle, it’s the love between Bailey and Cameron that warmed my heart long after I finished reading it.

Once Upon a Hereafter is the fifth Ghost Seekers tale but you don’t have to have read Nuit Aux Trois, The Resurrection of Josephine, Come As You Are, or Conjurer at the Crossroads in order to follow along. Fans of the series will undoubtedly enjoy hearing mention of some of their favorite characters and I, personally, loved the sweet update Ms. Barron gives concerning Dev, Fletch, and Quinn, the heroes and heroine of Nuit Aux Trois.

Loss and heartache are overshadowed by love and new beginnings in Once Upon a Hereafter. I simply loved Bailey and Cameron’s story and I look forward to reading Once Upon a Hereafter again soon.