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A Very Personal Trainer

A Very Personal Trainer - Justine Elyot Recommended Read. My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/july-2013-recommended-reads/a-very-personal-trainer-by-justine-elyot

Lara’s a mess and she knows it. Her life has gotten away from her and between perpetual lateness, the bills piling up, and the dishes overflowing the sink, she doesn’t know where to start. When her friend gives her an ad for a life coach, Lara’s doubtful she can be helped. Then she meets Dexter. The organization-loving automaton of a man is determined to get her back on track. While Lara’s no fan of his spreadsheets, Dexter’s strict nature is another matter entirely. Given Lara’s fascination with Dexter and her need for a little extra motivation, it’s no surprise that before long Dexter introduces her to a world of painful pleasure that’s too addictive for either to give up. Now all Lara has to do is convince her personal trainer that their relationship is strong enough to extend beyond business hours.

A Very Personal Trainer is the liveliest erotic romance I’ve read all year! In Lara and Dexter’s story, Justine Elyot has delivered a wickedly hot piece of entertainment that I found utterly addictive.

Lara is incredibly disorganized, but Ms. Elyot writes her in such a way that her flaws are adorable and endearing. Her distractions and mental asides had me grinning all throughout the story, and even given her perpetual lateness I wish she were real so I could be friends with her. There’s no question that she needs the help of a personal organizer, but she gets more than she ever could have hoped for with Dexter. Dexter is the kind of firm, seemingly humorless hero that makes you melt when you find out there’s sexy Dom beneath that automaton façade.

Dexter is Lara’s perfect match in every way, but there’s something in Dexter’s past (which I won’t spoil for readers) that makes him reticent to get involved with her romantically. Dexter’s refusal to open up about himself is the main obstacle in A Very Personal Trainer, and it lead to unexpected hilarity. Normally I wouldn’t be a fan of a heroine stalking her hero to find out about his past, but this is where Ms. Elyot’s writing shines. Because of Ms. Elyot’s skill, the scenes with Lara as a hapless would-be private detective cracked me up. Dexter may be the dominant one in their relationship, but Ms. Elyot left me with the impression that Lara will be keeping him on his toes.

I listened to A Very Personal Trainer on audio book and I’m pleased to say that the narrator did such an incredible job bringing Ms. Elyot’s writing to life that I believe the audio format enhanced my experience. But no matter what format you choose to enjoy Dexter and Lara’s story in, A Very Personal Trainer is sure to delight.

A Very Personal Trainer is naughty good fun and I Joyfully Recommend it!