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Review: Scot Under the Covers by Suzanne Enoch

Scot Under the Covers - Suzanne Enoch

Reviewed for Wit and Sin


Scot Under the Covers is a true delight! It’s fast-paced and fun with characters who are easy to adore and a romance that will leave you smiling.

Aden is known as the “elusive MacTaggert brother.” He’s got a quick mind and skilled fingers that serve him well both in the cardroom and the bedroom, and he’s not unwilling to let the English’s dim views of Scotsmen work to his advantage. His mother’s decree that he marry an Englishwoman suddenly becomes a very appealing prospect when he meets Miranda Harris. Miranda’s brother is engaged to Aden’s sister, but that’s not why the beautiful lass seeks him out. Her brother has gotten into a massive debt he cannot repay and the villain is demanding Miranda’s hand in marriage as payment. To outwit a gambler Miranda needs the help of one. It’s not just her plight but her fiery spirit that captures Aden’s interest. When the two join forces the banter flies and the pages of Scot Under the Covers fairly crackle with energy.

Aden and Miranda are both incredibly easy to like. They’ve got good hearts, quick wits, and spines of steel. They’re a perfect match in every way, but with the proverbial noose quickly tightening around Miranda’s neck, the two of them have to work fast to free her. Miranda enjoys maneuvering through society and knows how to play the game, but it’s fun to watch her start to break the rules with Aden. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating that Aden and Miranda are simply a lot of fun together. Though Aden knows she’s the one for him pretty quickly, Miranda’s unwilling attraction develops into love as she learns Aden is a man she can trust and rely on. I’ve read the book twice now and both times I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every step of their journey.

Romance, passion, and a very crafty villain make the pages of Scot Under the Covers fly by. Aden and Miranda are at the heart of the story, but their families play strong supporting roles and bring warmth and humor to the tale. Aden’s mother is particularly fascinating as she continues to try to regain her sons’ trust and affection. And surprisingly (because I didn’t like him very much in the first Wild Wicked Highlanders book), I’m very much looking forward to Coll MacTaggert’s book. I cannot wait to see what Suzanne Enoch has in store for the brash and bold MacTaggert brother. Until then, I’m happy to revisit both It’s Getting Scot in Here and Scot Under the Covers. Both are vibrant, charming romantic romps full of heart.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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