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His Whiskey Sour

His Whiskey Sour (The Cocktail Girls #4) - Zachary Webber, Kim Loraine, Kylie C. Stewart

I really liked the first part of His Whiskey Sour. It was fun, flirty, and fast-paced. Unfortunately, the second part was incredibly disappointing (reasons why at the bottom below the spoiler alert).

As for the audio book narration, I really liked the duet format where the male narrator voices all the male parts, even in the female POV and vice versa. As for the narrators themselves, Zachary Webber was a great Easton but I was kinda meh on Kylie C. Stewart's Ireland.




Reasons I didn't love this book:


- The dreaded BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. Unless Ireland was tuning Easton out, she knew enough about his past to put two-and-two together and not assume he was a guy who abandoned his kid. Hell, even if she wasn't listening wouldn't you ASK the guy you're supposedly in love with about his life rather than make a cryptic comment because of a tabloid article you read? If your faith in someone can be shattered by one tabloid headline (people believe those?), then you're right - you shouldn't be with them. Easton should have cut his losses and ran.

- Unprotected sex after knowing each other for two days.

- Easton was a great hero, but Ireland really got on my nerves. She was burned by a musician in the past, so she holds Easton's profession against him. Plus she was just immature at times.

- Extreme insta-love. I'm a bit tired of insta-love, but it's not something I automatically dislike. But falling in love and getting married in less than a week is a bit much considering how little Ireland and Easton knew about each other.