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Rock Chick Renegade

Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley

I wavered between rating this 2.5 and 3 stars, because I enjoyed listening to Rock Chick Renegade, despite its flaws. I ultimately settled with 2.5 because I had quite a few issues with the story.

What I enjoyed:
- Vance and Jules (when they used common sense)
- The new characters introduced (especially Nick and Boo)
- Shirleen, who is utterly fabulous and shows the most sense of anyone
- The Rock Chicks (who may have inserted themselves into Jules's life and gotten freakishly personal waaaay too soon, but damn if they didn't breathe life into some of the book's slower moments)
- Lee, who made me want to listen to his book yet again, and Mace, whose story I can't wait to enjoy

- The magic clothes and shoes.  Despite all being described as having different heights/weights/body types, every single heroine has the same clothing and shoe size (and so does Todd/Burgundy Rose).  It makes me laugh and I don't care how implausible it is.
- The multi-POV section of the story
- Susannah Jones's fabulous narration


What I did not enjoy - WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW:

- If I never hear the words "head-crackin' mama jamma" or "emotional rottweiler" again, it'll be too soon.
- Unprotected sex over and over again. First of all, Vance and Jules were little more than strangers. Second, I get that it might have been thrown in once as a plot point, but when it kept happening I was seriously irritated.
- Jules has reason to believe she's pregnant and as she's freaking out over it to the Rock Chicks, she does shots and has 5 Cosmos, getting falling down drunk. Are you kidding me?
- The whole "Law" deal took a bit too much suspension of disbelief. Apparently Denver has the least deadly drug dealers on the planet and pranking them will somehow get them to stop dealing to minors.

- The fight at Smithy's was painfully contrived and a re-hash of several other scenes from the first three books.
- Vance wiring Jules's house without her knowledge. It's not only illegal, it's wrong. This isn't like Lee wiring Indy's place of business where there's a reason and it's not her damn house. This was a HUGE invasion of privacy that really lowered my opinion of Vance. Thankfully the longer the book went on the more I liked him.
- Jules breaking up with Vance (or trying to) - it's been done to death in the previous books and it made the least sense of all in this one.
- The half-assed love triangle with Luke. It was poorly executed, irritating, created unnecessary drama, and reflected badly on Jules and even more so on Luke. First he seriously hits on Roxie in the last book, now he really moves in on Jules. Is he that hard up that he feels the need to be the worst friend on the planet? Since Roxie and Jules are pretty different it appears he doesn't have a type and is just willing to put the moves on any attractive woman. I think I need a break before I listen to his story, because I already feel sorry for his heroine. I hope Ms. Ashley makes me believe he actually falls for her rather than it feeling like he just wants to grab the nearest hot woman he can find.


As the above section reveals, I had quite a few issues with the book. It says something about Kristen Ashley's storytelling that even though I had all these problems, I still enjoyed the book overall. It's not as much fun as Rock Chick or Rock Chick Redemption, but I still had a good time listening to it. The story started and finished strong and as a whole the characters are funny, memorable, and endearing. I just wish there hadn't been so many frustrating points in the story.  I'm taking a break before diving into the next book, but I am looking forward to the rest of the series.