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Review: This Book Will Change Your Life by Amanda Weaver

This Book Will Change Your Life - Amanda Weaver



This Book Will Change Your Life is a bibliophile’s dream romance. Hannah and Ben are two endearing college students brought together by chance and who end up finding a connection through the magic of books. Their ensuing romance is bright, sweet, and so full of hope and promise that I wanted to read their story again immediately upon finishing it.

Hannah is a freshman who thought she had her life planned out. But when she fails her first chemistry test, she begins to question everything. When seeking shelter from a sudden downpour in a small bookstore, Hannah runs into Ben, a college senior whose clear love and enthusiasm for books changes Hannah’s world. Ben is shocked that Hannah doesn’t read for fun, and so he sets out to find a book that will change her life forever. And it does. The first book leads to the second, then the third, then more. Hannah suddenly finds her world expanded…and her heart in jeopardy. She and Ben become fast friends when they talk about the books he picks out for her, but she soon finds herself falling for him. The only problem is, Ben also has a life mapped out for him, one that includes a career he doesn’t want, and a different girl, one who’s suited to the life his father wants him to have. It isn’t easy for either Hannah or Ben to break free of their parents’ expectations – or their own ideas of how their futures should be. As for whether or not the books they read and talk about together change their lives…well, that’s something I’ll leave for readers to find out.

In Hannah and Ben, author Amanda Weaver has created two intelligent, interesting, vibrant characters who will grab your heart from the very beginning and not let go. It’s easy to adore them, to root for them, and the pages of This Book Will Change Your Life fly by because Ben and Hannah’s chemistry is electric and they themselves will charm the heck out of you. As any book lover knows, happily ever afters aren’t easy, but there’s no doubt you’ll be avidly turning the pages of Ben and Hannah’s story, wanting to see these two overcome the obstacles in their path.

I cannot express how much I loved This Book Will Change Your Life. Ms. Weaver’s love of books shines clearly through every page of the story, automatically drawing in anyone who loves to read. When you add that to a simply lovely romance between two incredibly appealing characters, it’s impossible not to love this book. This Book Will Change Your Life is a sweetly romantic read you won’t want to miss!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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