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Review: Claimed by Elle Kennedy

Claimed: An Outlaws Novel (The Outlaws Series) - Elle Kennedy



Claimed is a ferociously sexy book! Leave yourself plenty of time to read, because once you enter the dark and erotic dystopian world of Elle Kennedy’s Outlaws you won’t want to leave.

In the wake of near-global destruction, the world has been divided up into colonies controlled by the Global Council and policed by Enforcers. Those who don’t wish to live and die under the GC’s strict control are outlaws. When Hudson – a woman with secrets and powerful ties to the ruling class – escapes the rigid control of the GC, she knows she can’t survive on her own. A chance encounter lands her in the path of Connor and his men and she boldly asks to go with them. Connor never wanted to be a leader, but is, doesn’t want to take in Hudson, but he does, and doesn’t trust her one bit, but falls for her nonetheless. Their romance is passionate, bold, and downright filthy in all the best ways. There’s no room for sweetness or tenderness in Connor’s world, but living and loving on the edge is what makes Claimed so exciting.

Connor is an alpha through and through. His past and his need to protect the very small number of people who have his loyalty makes him a tough-as-nails character. He isn’t an easy or charming hero, but a warrior who makes tough calls. Hudson challenges him on every level. She’s innocent in a lot of ways when she first leaves the city, but she quickly embraces all aspects of the free world. Where a lesser woman would crack, Hudson stands strong and claims her future. The push-pull between Hudson and Connor is red-hot and the sexual tension is almost too much to bear. But when it explodes – watch out. Ms. Kennedy is a master at delivering stories with raw emotion and blisteringly hot sex, and Claimed has both in abundance.

Claimed kicks off the Outlaws series and brings readers into a dystopian future they’ll want to explore more. The worldbuilding is flawlessly weaved into the story and it’s as interesting as Hudson and Connor’s love story. It’d be remiss of me to talk about the Outlaws without mentioning Connor’s men. Rylan, Pike, Kade, and Xander are all too sexy for their own good, but it’s their distinct personalities and the bonds of loyalty and friendship that tie all the men together that really make them stand out. Each man is deliciously intriguing in his own right and I finished Claimed hungry for more Outlaws books.

Claimed is edgy, exciting, and darkly erotic. If Hudson and Connor’s story is anything to go by, then readers are in for one hell of a ride with the Outlaws series.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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