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Review: Energized by Mary Behre

Energized - Mary Behre



Energized is a deliciously addictive romantic suspense that will have Tidewater fans old and new reading late into the night. Hannah and Niall’s story is fast-paced and exciting, thanks to Mary Behre’s gift for blending heart-pounding action with a sweet, yet steamy romance.

In Energized, the youngest “crifted” Scott sister finds her way home to Tidewater. After the death of their mother, the three Scott sisters were separated. The youngest, Hannah, grew up with two loving adoptive parents, but she wants to connect with her sisters who she hasn’t seen since she was three. However, it isn’t her sisters Hannah runs into upon reaching Tidewater, but former Marine Niall Graham, the one-night stand Hannah hasn’t been able to get out of her mind. Sparks once again fly between the two, but Niall is determined to keep his emotional distance from Hannah, especially since she doesn’t plan to remain in Tidewater for long. Fate has other plans for the two, and when Hannah has a psychometric vision of a serial killer on the loose, Niall is drawn to protect her. In Energized, the sexual tension is palpable and it was pure pleasure to watch Niall and Hannah’s chemistry practically explode off the page. Though there’s quite a bit of push-pull in their burgeoning relationship, you can’t help but be drawn into the romance. Niall is gruff and not one to let his guard down, but he’s also got a good heart and a protective soul. Hannah brings light into his world, and her innate charm and spirit make her a compelling heroine. Separately and together, Niall and Hannah are fascinating and that’s what makes Energized such an appealing read.

Threading through Energized is the serial killer plot, and Ms. Behre keeps this storyline hopping. I loved watching the dark and twisted puzzle pieces fall into place, and the additional paranormal element of Hannah’s “crift” only served to make the suspense more compelling. Add in multiple family connections and entwining relationships with secondary characters and Energized is a truly “full” book, but one that also manages to be light on its feet.

Energized is the third full-length book in the Tidewater series, but it can be read as a standalone. Past Tidewater heroes and heroines play strong supporting roles, which was a treat, but I must admit the characters who intrigued me the most were the as-yet unmatched security specialists, Ryan and Ian. Here’s hoping Ms. Behre has books in store for them, for I’d love to return to Tidewater. While I wait, I’ll definitely be re-reading Energized, for Hannah and Niall are a compelling pair I’m excited to revisit.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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