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Review: Hair of the Dog by Kelli Scott

Hair of the Dog - Kelli Scott

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed


When Ivy receives a job offer from Grant, the mayor of Mystic Springs, she jumps on it without ever seeing the town.  Little does she know it’s not her skills as a hotel manager the people of Mystic Springs are interested in.  Ivy’s the woman prophesied to rejuvenate the town’s drying spring, a spring that’s vital to the wellbeing of the Mystic Springs shifters.


Grant Grayson is one of those shifters, but he’s not quite sure he believes there’s a magical woman out there who can save the springs.  Then he meets Ivy, and suddenly his protective – and other – instincts roar to life.  Now he just has to convince both himself and Ivy that a relationship between them could work before the townsfolk decide to take matters into their own hands.


Hair of the Dog is a story with a lot of potential.  Grant is a sexy as hell wolf shifter and an honorable man who is also a widower still grieving the death of his wife.  He’s easy to love and it’s no wonder Ivy is drawn to him from the moment they meet.  Ivy is a woman with no knowledge of magic and she’s prone to blackouts and fits of abandon she doesn’t understand.  All these things are the starting point of a good story, but unfortunately Ivy and Grant go from zero to sixty halfway through the story and character development is cast aside for sex and a love story that sprung up a bit too unbelievably.  Had Grant’s grief – so potent in the first part of the book – not been turned off like a light switch and had Ivy’s awareness of her magical nature been dealt with better I would have liked the story so much more.


Kelli Scott’s world of Mystic Springs is imaginative and there are a lot of elements to the story that are incredibly interesting and could have made the book a stellar read if they were fleshed out.  The townspeople are all a bit one-note and it’s not a joy to say that two of the three major supporting characters are unpleasant (to put it kindly).  It makes me wonder why anyone would want to stay in the town.  While Hair of the Dog missed the mark for me, I did really like a lot of the elements to the story and I definitely want to read some of Ms. Scott’s other work.


FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.