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Review: Soulbound by Kristen Callihan

Soulbound - Kristen Callihan



Soulbound is an utterly addictive read. Every book in the richly-drawn Darkest London world has been wholly original and smartly done and Soulbound is no exception. I loved how author Kristen Callihan kept me on my toes, never knowing what would happen next to Adam and Eliza.

Adam, the creator of the GIM, has been a somewhat mysterious character up until recent books and it was truly delightful peeling back the layers to his character. Adam is a good man who has done his best with the life fate – and interfering supernaturals – has given him. That doesn’t mean he always does the right thing. He screwed up with Eliza in the past, stealing her away and keeping her bound to him out of fear. He deserved to lose her before, but Adam atones for what he has done and shows his true self both to Eliza and to readers. Eliza, in turn, is a tougher nut to crack. She holds herself away not just from Adam, but from readers, and it’s a bit harder to form a connection with her for much of the book. This is not to say I disliked Eliza – I admired her strength and honor – merely that she wasn’t as much a stand-out character as the previous (amazing) Darkest London heroines have been. As for Adam and Eliza as a couple, I love that Ms. Callihan didn’t rush their romance, but rather let the love story unfold organically. There’s instant attraction, but distrust and anger keeps them from acting on it until they know each other better. By the end of Soulbound I wanted nothing more than to see these two get the happily ever after they deserved.

Ms. Callihan delves deeper into her Darkest London world in Soulbound. We learn even more about the GIM and how deep their connection to Adam runs. I won’t spoil the story, so suffice it to say that since several beloved Darkest London characters are GIMs, the danger Adam is in takes on a new level of urgency. Ms. Callihan really ups the stakes in this story. There are fae villains whose obsession with Eliza and Adam will make your skin crawl. There are also intriguing revelations that impact not only the events of Soulbound, but the series as a whole. Though you can enjoy Eliza and Adam’s story on its own, I highly recommend reading the previous Darkest London stories (Firelight, Moonglow, Winterblaze, the novella “Entwined,” Shadowdance, and Evernight) first. So much of what happens in Soulbound builds upon the foundation set by the rest of the series.

Soulbound is a book I did not want to put down. I’m always so excited to read a Darkest London story because I know it’s going to be unique and engaging. Adam and Eliza’s book had me reading late into the night until I could stay awake no longer, and of course I had to pick it up to finish it upon waking. I cannot get enough of the Darkest London world and I’m already on the edge of my seat, waiting for Forevermore!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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